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LIFE, STYLE, ART - That says it all.  I shoot with my heart, watching, listening, falling headfirst into those little nuances.   A mother holding her newborn,  A groom gazing into his wife's eyes,  A father, swinging his child in a circle,  A family, playing and interacting on a walk.  A beautiful young woman, feeling the confidence to let go, to lose herself in my lens.  I'm a documentary lifestyle photographer, who believes that wall art is important.   We'll get those perfect poses, but we will also get those perfect moments,
Unguarded, Unscripted, Unbelievable.   
I can't wait to tell your story.

love is what matters most.


Ask those close to describe me in one word? They're going to say Love.  When you see your images, you'll know I see the love you have for each other.  You'll also see that I've fallen a little in love with you too.



My world.   

these guys...


If I could bottle that smell, I'd wear it every day!



Nothing like waking up in heaven every day.

country living

About ME

I sparkle and shine  in
your photos!
 I feel so beautiful  in your photo.
 Thank you  for capturing it!!!


Every time we have Carla photograph our family she always captures those perfect family moments. Instead of just posed pictures she really takes the time to make sure to really capture your family in a natural and true way.
So happy with the results yet again.

-Terra beth

Carla is absolutely amazing to work with! Very fun, energetic and up for anything.
We have had the pleasure of working with her twice and both times were great. Our pictures turned out absolutely beautiful and captured what we wanted..which is love.
Look forward to working with you again! Thank you


Carla's work is simply amazing! Only problem is
having to chose  between pictures because
they're all perfect!
She's just incredible  to work with,
 I wouldn't use anyone else!
Highly recommend!


Through this whole wedding process I was worried about wedding photos, the memories that will live on for generations to come. No matter who my photographer was I was going to be worried. But now I regret having this feeling. Carla was absolutely AMAZING! The days leading up to the wedding she was nothing but understanding, patient, supportive and professional. The morning of the wedding she  pulled me aside and assured me that everything was going to be ok and the only thing that matters is when I see my husband while walking down the aisle. Carla also knew that I've had issues with my weight and my insecurities but the whole day she was making me feel beautiful with her bubbly personality. She made me and everyone feel so comfortable and made the whole process an absolute blast. She knew what she wanted and helped us pose and guided us if we were unsure. I could go on forever how amazing she was and how amazing the photos turned out. I would recommend her to anyone getting married, engagement, family photos and more.


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When you have a session with Carla, you are not paying for paper, you are investing in a lifetime of memories.  You are investing in a one of a kind piece of priceless art, an heirloom to be treasured by your children, their children, generations to come.
The session fee is for Carla's time and artistry 
and includes a shareable phone and tablet app with 10 images of your choice.
This includes 1 - 2 hours of session time, editing time, and a special  Reveal night to view your photos and choose your products.
Incredible collections have been put together to give you the best price possible.  
There is also an A La Carte menu to order your prints, products and digital images.
Contact Carla for the Family Client Guide.

$300 + gst
Extended Family Sessions $400 + gst


The turning of this page to a new chapter is the most significant a young person will likely have experienced thus far.  That spreading of wings; leaving the nest; a poignant sense of pride and loss for parents; excitement mixed in with a little bit of fear for the graduate.  
These milestones are so important to commemorate, uniquely and beautifully.
Senior sessions are becoming one of the most popular forms of photography sessions.  It's also my favourite niche form of photography.  There is nothing like photographing that young face, so full of hope, love, excitement for the future and possibility!
The session fee is for Carla's time and artistry 
and includes a shareable phone and tablet app with 10 images of your choice.
Incredible collections have been put together to give you the best price possible. There is also an A La Carte menu to order your prints, products and digital images.
Contact  Carla for the Senior Client Guide.
$300 + gst
Time flies,  The good news is...
YOU are the pilot.



A CLP bride is looking for a photographer who understands her needs, looks after her, and knows how to capture the love shared between her and her partner.
She is discerning, knows how important these memories are and trusts that Carla is going to capture the legacy of that love; so that one day, her little girl's little girl is going to be sitting in her lap, turning the pages of her wedding album and turn to her and say:
"Grandma, you were so beautiful, and so happy. I can see how much you loved each other, and love each other still."
Wedding day collections start at $899, all collections include digital images and a complementary engagement session.
Contact Carla for the Wedding Client Guide.
$899 - $5500 + gst
30% deposit at booking


Please contact for portfolio and Client Guide.
Please contact for portfolio and Client Guide.
Please contact for portfolio and quote.
Please contact for portfolio and quote.
Concept sessions with your four legged best friend.  Please contact for portfolio and quote.
Is about female strength, confidence, daring and self-awareness.  This program is for strong fierce women of all ages who believe in themselves, the strength and power of their being.
Contact for more information.






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