I Believe....

I shoot with my heart, watching, listening, falling headfirst into little nuances.   A mother holding her little girl's hand,  A groom gazing into his wife's eyes,  A father, swinging his child in a circle,  while his family plays on a walk.  A beautiful young woman, feeling the confidence to let go, to lose herself in my lens.  I'm a visual storyteller who believes that capturing the essence of the moments, the everyday and the adventures creates a lifetime of legacies.    I help businesses create compelling visual campaigns and start creative conversations.     We'll get those perfect poses, but we will also get those perfect moments, 
Unguarded, Unscripted, Unbelievable.   
I can't wait to tell your story.

love is what matters most.

Your life is your legacy, how do you want your story told?


Ask those close to describe me in one word? They're going to say Love.  When you see your images, you'll know I see the love you have for each other.  You'll also see that I've fallen a little in love with you too.



I am always nervous to be photographed.  Just like you, it's hard to step in front of the lens.  I was recently photographed for a friend's personal project, title "The Wall".  I was terrified, but I let down my guard, trusted my photographer and let go...  When it's your turn, trust me., I get it and I've got your back.

Wanna know a secret?


I've been told that I'm a wee bit fiesty and energetic,.... 
I'm definitely a whole lot  talkative, I get easily excited when I get that perfect  shot, and may be  known to throw my hands up in the air and shout "booyaah" at the top of my lungs.  

I'm fiesty!


My world.   
My greatest accomplishment is, without a doubt, the three children that Ray and I have raised.  They are all amazing humans  destined for great things, no matter what their chosen path

these guys...


If I could bottle that smell, I'd wear it every day!



Nothing like waking up in heaven every day.
I can't imagine not waking up to the trees and the birds, my dogs and cats romping, and my beloved horses just steps away.

country living


The mountains call me.  They are my home away from home.  My place of peace.  The only reason I'd leave my patch of heaven in the country would be to set up my patch of heaven in the mountains.

the rockies

About ME


From the time I've been a kid, Africa has been my #1 bucket list.  This book brought forth tears, smiles and a renewed commitment to my bucket list.  It's astounding and unthinkable that poaching continues to be such an issue.  

Love, Life and Elephants


I'm not even sure how to describe how this book made me feel for the author.  Angry, ashamed for these poor children, pride in their strength and determination to succeed and finally acceptance of their parents for who they were.  This book will make you think.

The Glass Castle


Lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment.
It's funny, easy to read and will open your eyes in a big, big way.
“You are loved. Massively. Ferociously. Unconditionally. The Universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are. It’s got you wrapped in a warm gorilla hug of adoration. It wants to give you everything you desire. It wants you to be happy. It wants you to see what it sees in you.”
― Jen Sincero

You are a Badass


Based on real life events. 
A story of a family torn apart, of murder, desperation.  A story of sibling love and devotion.  Heart wrenching and uplifting all at the same time.

Before We Were Yours


Because Jen Sincero is awesome!

― Jen Sincero

You are a Badass at Making Money


I read voraciously, to learn, to be inspired, for entertainment.  These are some of my favourite authors and series that entertain, take me to a different world and allow me to escape.

the fun reads!

my reads

I sparkle and shine  in
your photos!
 I feel so beautiful  in your photo.
 Thank you  for capturing it!!!


Every time we have Carla photograph our family she always captures those perfect family moments. Instead of just posed pictures she really takes the time to make sure to really capture your family in a natural and true way.
So happy with the results yet again.

Every time we have Carla photograph our family she always captures those perfect family moments. Instead of just posed pictures she really takes the time to make sure to really capture your family in a natural and true way.
So happy with the results yet again.

-Terra beth

Carla is absolutely amazing to work with! Very fun, energetic and up for anything.
We have had the pleasure of working with her twice and both times were great. Our pictures turned out absolutely beautiful and captured what we wanted..which is love.
Look forward to working with you again! Thank you


Carla's work is simply amazing! Only problem is
having to chose  between pictures because
they're all perfect!
She's just incredible  to work with,
 I wouldn't use anyone else!
Highly recommend!


Through this whole wedding process I was worried about wedding photos, the memories that will live on for generations to come. No matter who my photographer was I was going to be worried. But now I regret having this feeling. Carla was absolutely AMAZING! The days leading up to the wedding she was nothing but understanding, patient, supportive and professional. The morning of the wedding she  pulled me aside and assured me that everything was going to be ok and the only thing that matters is when I see my husband while walking down the aisle. Carla also knew that I've had issues with my weight and my insecurities but the whole day she was making me feel beautiful with her bubbly personality. She made me and everyone feel so comfortable and made the whole process an absolute blast. She knew what she wanted and helped us pose and guided us if we were unsure. I could go on forever how amazing she was and how amazing the photos turned out. I would recommend her to anyone getting married, engagement, family photos and more.


Loved having Carla come out and do a session with my canine family! She got right down in the snow and the pay off was some amazing shots! She had a lot of great ideas on how to help my business with social media and I value her continued support. Thanks Carla for a great day and the amazing photos!


I had Carla capture my engagement and wedding photos. I have been blown away by how breathtaking the photos are! She is an amazing photographer, and such a kind person. Would recommend and will be booking with her in the future!


I've known Carla for years and have always been impressed by her work. It was finally our turn and we decided it was best for our small family session to become an extended family session with grandparents and everything. It turned out beautifully! Carla had scouted out our location previously so she knew what to expect for lighting and locations. She had great ideas for how to shoot the whole family and individual families. She had great respect for our family dynamics and was easy going, even though she totally took charge. She kept it light and fun and was completely professional. I couldn't say more nice things about her. Now that I've had a chance to see our gallery, I'm even more excited to see our finished product. Thanks Carla!


We first met Carla at a wedding we were both in years ago. I loved how friendly she was. When we met her she was still building her business, and her passion for it was so apparent! We knew we needed her for our wedding. Over the course of the couple years we were planning it, it went from a large hall wedding with all of our family and friends, to an intimate ceremony with just our closest loved ones. When we met with her just weeks before the big day, we still didn't have a location locked down. Carla very quickly offered us her backyard! We were shocked, but also so excited to be able to have a quiet, beautiful spot to say "I do". Carla was so accommodating with our families, and made the small event so, so special! It felt like I was sharing our biggest moment with a close friend. I'll definitely be turning to Carla in the future for any special photos we need! She's so wonderful 🥰


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Weddings and Engagement

We chose Carla for our wedding photography in Camrose, Alberta after friends recommended her and we couldn't be happier! She is incredibly talented, with an eye for the little details. Her passion and creativity show in every aspect of her photography. And on top of all that, she is a wonderful person. Carla is genuine, caring and fun, and was a perfect fit for our engagement pictures and wedding pictures. We had bridal party members and wedding guests comment on how easy it was to be around Carla and how fun she was. We didn't just find a talented photographer for our wedding, we found a photographer for every stage in our life, and most importantly we made a great friend. We honestly can't say enough great things!

Alysha L

I remember my wedding like it was yesterday (it wasn't).  I agonized over details, like how many jelly bellies of each flavour were going into the guest favours, or which team of horses were going to pull our horse drawn carriage.  I get it.  Your wedding day is the most important day of your life,  you've planned for it, maybe cried over it, you've poured yourself into making sure everything is aligned so that when you are walking down the aisle and your eyes meet, you know that your day is as perfect as your love for each other.  When the confetti is thrown, the candles are extinguished and the guests have gone home, you'll have memories, and images.  I'll tell your love story, capturing those little details, the big moments and bigger smiles.  I am a story telling photographer, creating the perfect blend of lifestyle images and posed portaiture.  When you look back on your images, you'll be  instantly taken back .  You'll remember the smells, the smiles, that look in his eye as you walked down the aisle.   I'm a documentary lifestyle photographer, who believes that wall art is important. We'll get those perfect poses, but we will also get those perfect moments, Unguarded, Unscripted, Unbelievable. I can't wait to tell your story. 

When you meet a prospective photographer, it's important that you feel comfortable with them. Your wedding photographer is going to be spending your entire day with you and are providing you with an experience, as well as your final product - your images. If you are not at ease with them, it may bring back memories that aren't positive, colouring the way you see your pictures, no matter how beautifully they turned out.   My wedding couples might start as clients, but they quickly become my friends, and I'm commited to ensuring that the images created are exactly what we envisioned together.  
It is more important to me to the right photographer for your wedding portraits (and I am!), that it is for me to take your money.  Carla Lehman Photography is invested in you; your love story; your wedding day.  

Be sure to check your photographers portfolio, shooting style and brand. If you are looking for a photographer who uses a lot of colour, bold looks and striking black and whites but hire a photographer who finishes their photos in a very light, airy and overexposed style, your final product will not be what you expected. Ensure you communicate to your photographer exactly what you are looking for in terms of final product.
Your wedding portrait images from Carla Lehman will be bright, bold, vivid and alive!   They will include black and white images, and photographer's favourite artist renditions as well.  Your story will be documented, from preparations, through to first look, and first dance.  Together, we will plan the perfect images from the perfect day.

A well prepared photographer is one who knows exactly what her bride and groom want for their day. A CLP couple will meet with me for a pre-booking meeting to ensure that I'm the right fit for them. A questionnaire ensures that I have a complete timeline of the day, addresses, contact information, special shot requests and can be fully prepared prior to the wedding day. A complementary engagement session gets my couples in front of the camera, used to my style of direction, and I learn how they like to be photographed. A pre-wedding meeting to finalize details (and have some fun together) is all part of the experience to ensure that I know exactly what my bridal couple is expecting, what I am going to deliver, and we get to have some fun together, building that relationship.

Budget is important, absolutely. To help you in making the best choice when planning your photography budget, some things to keep in mind: An "expensive" photographer is a trained photographer, with thousands of hours of shooting and learning under their belt. A professional photographer has the experience to understand how to pose, how to properly light, how to use environment for show stopping images and how to tell the story of a wedding day. A "budget" photographer is often just starting out, and may not have the same level of training in posing, understanding and manipulating light, or post production to finish images. You've spent the last year or more planning your wedding, focused on the little details, agonized over the dress, the shoes, the flowers. When your day is over, the dress will lovingly be packed away, the decorations stored or sold, the flowers will wilt. What you will have is memories, and your story. Your images should tell that story. While you consider your investment in your day, the details and the dress, also consider that an investment in a professional photographer is an investment in a day of photography that results in a lifetime of memories.   Click here to see collection information for Carla Lehman Photography weddings.  

A CLP bride is looking for a photographer who understands her needs, looks after her, and knows how to capture the love shared between her and her partner. She is discerning, knows how important these memories are and trusts that Carla is going to capture the legacy of that love; so that one day, her little girl's little girl is going to be sitting in her lap, turning the pages of her wedding album and turn to her and say: "Grandma, you were so beautiful, and so happy. I can see how much you loved each other, and love each other still."

Carla Lehman Photography is an experienced wedding photographer located in central Alberta near Tofield, Alberta, and providing services to Camrose, Sherwood Park, Edmonton and the surrounding areas.  Destination weddings photographed in the Rocky Mountains include locations Canmore, Jasper, Banff and the Crowsnest Pass.  

Welcome to Carla Lehman Photography, telling wedding stories since 2003

Why Choose Carla Lehman Photography?

Central Alberta Wedding Photographer

Style / Brand 

Meet Prior to Your Day 



When the venues are booked, several considerations should be taken.  Are the formal photos indoor or outdoor?  Is there a backup in the event of rain?  Are there mulitple photo locations planned?  What time of day are the wedding portraits being taken?
Together, we will determine the optimum locations for your venue, taking into account bright sunlight versus open shade, time of day and amount of photography time per location.  If the wedding location is in the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Camrose, St. Albert, Tofield or Vegreville area and is new to Carla Lehman Photography, we will scout the location in order to ensure the best results. 
In the event of rain, Carla Lehman Photography will provide the wedding couple an outdoor session in all of their wedding day finery to ensure that all of your wedding dreams come true!

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 Central Alberta Graduation and Senior Photographer

I was blessed to have Carla for my daughter's grad and casual shoot along side, to have her for the actual grad day too. I can not express my gratitude enough on how wonderful the experience was. Right from the very first meeting 8 months ago I knew we had the perfect photographer. Carla is so passionate about what she does and it shows in every photo she takes. She is not happy or satisfied until she executes the pure essence of what she is trying to capture. She takes the time to find out about what makes her client's tick what is their hobbies, dreams, passions, then she turns that into these beautiful photos. Thank you so much for taking the time over the last several months to get to know my daughter and what is important to her, and let her express that through your photos. We would highly recommend you to any and everyone. It's not just how great your photos are because they are phenomenal, but it is also your personality and the love for what you do that makes you so amazing!

Carla of Carla Lehman Photography is the premier Edmonton Graduation Photographer, and one of the top graduation and senior lifstyle photographers in Alberta.  Carla photographs graduates in Edmonton, Camrose, Sherwood Park, Tofield, Vegreville and surrounding areas, even travelling to Calgary and the Rockies.  Please inquire about travel to your area!
One of my greatest passions is photographing graduates for their grad and senior lifestyle casual portraits.  It's a time of  growth and change, of self discovery, celebration and bravery.   I feel it's so important to capture this milestone by documenting who this you are at this crucial turning point in their life.  They are full of anticipation, excitement and confidence mixed in with a dash of introspection and anticpation for the future.  It's the most important time of a graduates's life so far.  
Sessions are a mixture of posed portraiture which Moms love on their walls and documentary lifestyle portraits which seniors love on their feeds!

Crystal P

family and children

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Thank you, thank you, thank you !!  You perfectly captured our family as a snapshot in time!!! And there is no better way to enjoy your pictures than this collage wall! 

Carla was so much fun to work with.  We have two very busy children and she was able to capture their energy with the camera for some fun photos.  These are the most amazing pictures of our family that I have ever seen.  Carla has a gift for capturing beauty in every shot she takes.  We will treasure these photos always and plan to use Carla for all of our future family photo shoots.

Central Alberta Family and Children Photographer

Be Present, Be In The Moment, Be In The Picture
When anyone asks me what I do, my first answer is "I'm a Mom".   I approach a family photo session with the knowledge that you have put time, effort and planning into your session.  You've coordinated your outfits, picked the perfect location and prayed that your photos go off without a hitch.  My job is to ensure they will.  I know how important your family is to you, I know how important your portraits are to you.  Together, we will play, laugh, create perfect memories in a lifestyle, documentary format, and add in a few traditional posed portraits to round out your session.  

Britt and Neil K.

Yvonne H.


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Contemporary Portraiture for Strong, Fierce Females

Sass'N'Flash is named for my daughter.  When she was a wee one, we called her that, as she was saucy, sassy and strong.  She is still that strong, fierce female.  
I've been inspired by her, and by all of the women that I photograph.  So many times, by the end of a session with a woman, we both have shed a few tears, shared hopes and dreams, built each other up, and had a fire lit under both of us to go out into the world and do amazing things. 
I truly love photographing my fellow female humans, and work hard to empower them, show them the beauty I see in them and learn from them.  
Please contact me to design your own styled session.  I promise we will both grow, learn and inspire!

Jennifer K.

With launching a business, I knew that having a professional headshot was important. However, as a private person, I was reluctant to have one taken. Once a photo is on your website you are really putting yourself out there. So I called Carla, a longtime friend and great photographer. She had previously taken photos of my immediate and extended family and it was a good experience. I am so glad that I called her! Carla is professional, creative and innovative. She has a unique ability to truly see someone and capture their true essence and their beauty within. Every one of her photos (including mine) tell stories of those people she's photographed. Contact Carla to take your photos, you'll be so glad you did!

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Athletes and teams

Carla has been photographing my kids since they started hockey.   She is amazing and so talented and works so great with the kids. I love her unique ideas, and how she can capture that magic sparkle in the kiddos! Thanks Carla!

Joanne M

With over 15 years of experience photographing athletes and teams, Carla Lehman Photography can provide a safe, fun and streamlined photo day experience.   With safety protocols in place to protect your little athlete, assistants to direct traffic and efficient planning to keep appointments on time and flowing the photo day session is an enjoyable and relaxed esperience.

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To many, the words love, hope and dreams are synonymous with horses.  To me, the smell of a horse, the warmth of their breath on my cheek, the feeling I get when I bury my face in their neck is synonymous with home, peace and comfort.  I've realized more and more over the years that I need to be incorporating my two loves, horses and photography.  Carla Lehman Photography provides photography services that include your four legged best friend, whether in a family image, a styled session with you and your horse, or a session photographing your horse.  Available for competition photography, rodeos, or a simple ride in the country!

Carla is phenomenal!!!! She has done two sets of equine photos for us now and we have a third set booked.....she never disappoints we always absolutely love our photos. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy and that we enjoy our sessions.  She knows how to interact with our horses, and the horses are completely comfortable!

Kellie C






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