Your little boy slips his tiny hand into yours.  It's a moment to remember, those linked fingers, his little face turned up to yours, eyes linked.
When he crosses the stage to receive his diploma and enters a new chapter, that's a chapter in your story, that's begging to be told. 
That shaggy dog, who lives to please you, the horse who owns your soul, they are such a huge part of your daily life, they deserve their story told.
Letting yourself go, be free, vulnerable, STRONG, your story needs to be told.  

So, here's what I realized..
What we do matters.  Who we are matters.  Our story is important.  We create a legacy for those who come after us.
Whether it's the big celebrations, or those little everyday moments, our story needs to be told.  
Your story needs to be told. 
Be Present, Be In The Moment, Be In The Picture


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I see you. 
I know that you're vulnerable.  
I know that you're ready.
The world needs to see you.
Contemporary women's portraits, a lesson in empowerment and strength.
Real and raw, beautiful and genuine.
Celebrate your legacy, your way.

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