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Growing up I didn’t realize it, but my parents set me up pretty solidly to become an entrepreneur focused on serving others. It only took a moment, and I learned, perhaps the most valuable lesson of my life one Christmas morning many years ago. This is my legacy. 🕹️ 👾 My parents were multipreneurs. Mom […]

In an Instant, Everything Changed

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Edmonton Photographer | I call it the back to school blues. While there is relief in getting back to routine, to normal meal planning, early to bed and early to rise, I’m always saddened when the first day of school rolls around.  I know that it is a rite of passage and I celebrate my […]

Capturing the First Day Back to School | Edmonton Photographer

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My very favourite flower is the spring crocus. Now, why am I writing a photography article about lifestyle photography and crocuses? It’s simple.  These lovely little blooms speak to me, of resilience and strength, of tradition, of love.  I often photograph them, this session was the first time that I was able to employ a documentary, […]

Resilience, Strength, Faith | Lifestyle Photography


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