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Tomorrow, Eryn and Jon are being married. They won a wedding from #popupweddingsyeg! I’m so excited to be part of their day and loved them from the moment I met them. They have such a perfect, poignant story. I’m thrilled that they won the package, I think that they are amazing, and I’m so glad that […]

Edmonton Wedding

Edmonton Wedding Photographer – Eryn&Jon popupweddingsyeg

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This is not a red truck.  Yet, it is.  How can that be?  Read on!Alberta Photographer When is a red truck not a red truck?  When it’s a metaphor for life.  Words of wisdom from Alberta Photographer, nature lover, daughter, wife and mother. Moving into 2019, I realize that with the simplest conversation, there has […]

Alberta Photographer, Life

Mysterious and Wondrous Red Truck Sightings | Alberta Photographer

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Recently, Amy contacted Carla Lehman Photography because she was in need of a maternity photographer. However, the session was going to be for two pregnant subjects. Most noteworthy, Amy’s beloved Mouse, pictured above with her, is also expecting – a beautiful little foal.

Equine Photographer, Maternity Photographer

Maternity Photographer – Sherwood Park

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Your headshot tells your clients about you.  A branding session shows them what you do.  In a brand photography session, Carla Lehman Photography can create a personalized session to share YOU with your target audience.  Brand Photography Focuses on Your Business and Your Personality.   Dawn-Marie is a yoga instructor, and she  wished for a very […]


Brand Photography |Brand Your Business

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With over 15 years of experience in sports and team photography, Carla Lehman Photography has developed a fun and streamlined plan that promotes safety first. Images are unique, high quality and create a memory of your athl

Camrose Sports Photographer, Edmonton Sports Photographer, Sherwood Park Sports Photographer, Strathcona Sports Photographer

Sports Team Photography | Edmonton Sports Photographer

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Edmonton Photographer | I call it the back to school blues. While there is relief in getting back to routine, to normal meal planning, early to bed and early to rise, I’m always saddened when the first day of school rolls around.  I know that it is a rite of passage and I celebrate my […]

Family and Children, Lifestyle Photographer, School Photographer

Capturing the First Day Back to School | Edmonton Photographer

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My very favourite flower is the spring crocus. Now, why am I writing a photography article about lifestyle photography and crocuses? It’s simple.  These lovely little blooms speak to me, of resilience and strength, of tradition, of love.  I often photograph them, this session was the first time that I was able to employ a documentary, […]

Family and Children, Life, Lifestyle Photographer

Resilience, Strength, Faith | Lifestyle Photography

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Senior Lifestyle Sessions to reflect your sports, hobbies and interests As a graduation photographer serving Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Tofield, Camrose and Vegreville, I create senior lifestyle images to celebrate your transition from high school to “the real world”.  This is a bittersweet time of looking backward while also peering forward.  It is a time of […]

Camrose Graduation Photographer, Edmonton Graduation Photographer, Graduation Portraits, Seniors, Sherwood Park Graduation Photographer

Senior Lifestyle | Edmonton Graduation Photographer

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Huge thanks to Valerie at The Wheelbarrow Florist for her guest blog!  Amazing new floral trends on the horizon! We all know it; we’ve all seen it, the wrist corsage and boutonniere with roses and baby’s breath, billows of sparkly ribbon and some bling or feathers.  It’s what everyone has been ordering for grad for […]

Graduation Portraits

Edmonton Graduation Photographer | New Floral Trends for Grad

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  April 6, 2018 I spent this day watching my older daughter taking her college entrance exam and taking my younger daughter shopping; going for supper, laughing and making memories, things that you’re supposed to be doing with your kids.  While we were busy making memories, every parent’s worst nightmare was taking place. The unimaginable […]


With Love From a Hockey Mom for Humboldt


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