University Convocation Grad Photo

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Calling all graduates! It’s time to celebrate your achievements and capture the magic of this milestone with amazing grad photos. Here are 5 compelling reasons why booking me for your grad photos will result in an unforgettable experience. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime! Grad Photos to celebrate University Convocation #1 […]

Unforgettable Grad Photos: 5 Reasons to Book Carla Lehman Photography

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How to Keep all of the Tears on Your Wedding Day Happy Ones Your wedding day is the best day of your life, you can’t wait to walk down the aisle, gazing at your soulmate as you’re bursting with love and excitement. Imagine finding out just moments before you walk down the aisle, that your […]

The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Graduate with her horse

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The number one question I get from graduates and parents is this: When should we plan our photo session? The answer to booking your graduation photos is really quite simple. Whenever you want! Okay – it may not be that cut and dried, but the truth is, an easier question to answer when booking your […]

Booking Your Graduation Photos | When You Ask?

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The Laser Room of Sherwood Park Personal Branding Session I recently did the first personal branding session of the subscription service that Lisa of the Laser Room of Sherwood Park booked. Prior to the session, I visited the clinic for a one on one with Lisa and members of her staff. It’s important for me […]

Personal Branding Session Sherwood Park

Lisa Ritchie, owner of the Laser Room of Sherwood Park

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I’ve received my Accreditation with Professional Photographers of Canada in Wedding Story. For Wedding Story, ten images must be submitted that tell the story of a couple’s wedding. Wedding Story Accreditation Score Not only did I receive my Accreditation on my first submission which is very difficult to do, but I received on overall Quality […]

Wedding Story – National Accreditation PPOC

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year here in East-Central Alberta, sprint is in full bloom and so are the cherry trees! It’s Cherry Blossom Portraits season! Graduation celebration with Cherry Blossom portraits There is such a small window of time as they don’t stay long, but so worth the last minute planning. Your […]

Cherry Blossom Portraits

Graduation Portraits with a couple in blue under cherry blossom trees
Winter Graduation Photo Session in the mountains

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I’m not a nurse, caring for and saving patients every day. Nope, not an engineer or architect, creating something incredible for mankind.I’m not a scientist, finding cures for disease. I’m a Mom who loves her kid. I’m helping her to immortalize this time in her life by creating graduation memories that will really matter to […]

Creating Graduation Memories for the Class of 2021

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Banff Alberta Mountain Formal Portaits Celebrating the Moment Regan’s graduation dress came in. As an Alberta Graduation Photographer, this is the day I was waiting for, the chance to tell my daughter’s story in her beautiful grad dress. So Many Emotions The same day we were driving to pick up the dress, Regan received an […]

Alberta Graduation Photographer|Regan

obsidian ridge moon entrance

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Premiere Wedding Venue, Preferred Photographer The view from the marriage stage. Can’t you see guests seated in this fully landscaped amphitheatre? I’m firmly rooted in the prairies, but my heart soars when I’m in the Rockies. I’m so fortunate to be an Alberta Wedding Photographer who can revel in both settings with a couple hour […]

Alberta Wedding Photographer | Obsidian Ridge

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Capturing your special moments with confidence and peace of mind. 📸📸Do you ever wonder why I post so many different images⁉️ I’m going to share my recent Professional Photographers of Canada National Salon images to help explain. 📸📸 My decision to join the Professional Photographers of Canada has been a pivotal decision for me. It’s […]

National Salon Success | My Journey Behind the Lens

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What is an Accredited Photographer, and Why Should You Care? I am proud to be an Accredited Photographer and member of Professional Photographers of Alberta. You’re probably asking yourself right now what that is and why that matters. The Professional Photographers of Canada is a national group of creative artists dedicated to the highest standards […]

What it Means to be an Accredited Photographer

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In today’s competitive business landscape, creating a brand statement that resonates with your target audience is essential. Your brand statement goes beyond just describing your products or services; it’s about expressing your values and connecting on a deeper level. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s crucial to create business brand statements that share […]

Connecting with Your Target Audience: The Power of Business Brand Statements

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Are you a small business owner or content creator looking to master the art of DIY product photography? Perfect! Hey, I’m Carla, an Edmonton Product Photographer and in this blog post, we’ll unveil five game-changing tips to help you capture stunning product shots in no time, using simple and cost-effective methods. Learn 5 expert tips […]

Edmonton Product Photographer | 5 Great Tips for Quick and Easy DIY Product Photography

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In the depths of our hearts, there exists a sacred bond between a woman and her beloved horse. It’s a connection that transcends time, language, and logic. Together, they create a symphony of trust, understanding, and unwavering love. I know it. My friend and fellow collaborator, Colleen knows it. As an Edmonton Horse Photographer, I’m a visual storyteller […]

Edmonton Horse Photographer: The Unbreakable Bond

Unique and Completely Curated Graduation Sessions

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Unique and Completely Curated Graduation Sessions Preserving Moments that Last a Lifetime Graduation season is a remarkable milestone, filled with boundless excitement, accomplishments, and memories. 📷As an Alberta Graduation Specialist, focused on graduation photography📷, I am deeply passionate about capturing and preserving these extraordinary moments for graduates and their families. From Camrose to Edmonton, Tofield […]

Alberta Graduation Specialist: Capture the Magic of Graduation

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Harnessing the Beauty: The Value of Equine Portraits – Capturing Timeless Memories with Your Majestic Partner It’s been a year now we lost Blaze. Every single time I go to the horse pasture, I ache for the sound of her welcoming whinny. Here’s what I’m grateful for, as an Alberta Equine Photographer, I’ve been spending all […]

Alberta Equine Photographer: Why Being Photographed with Your Horse Matters

Brand Session Travis Dolter

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In the world of country music, there are artists who not only possess incredible talent but also have a unique and captivating story to share. One such rising star is Travis Dolter, a Ukrainian heritage singer-songwriter leaving his mark on the country music scene. I had the opportunity and privilege to collaborate with Travis on […]

Camrose Brand Session: Capturing the Magic of a Rising Country Music Star Travis Dolter

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As an up-and-coming country star, I recently had the pleasure of capturing the essence of an aspiring musician during a stunning branding session. But here’s the secret: branding sessions aren’t just for business people! In this blog post, we’ll delve into why artists should embrace branding sessions and how they can be a game-changer for […]

Unleash Your Musical Brand: Why Artists Should Embrace Branding Sessions

Located just outside of Edmonton, Alberta and serving Camrose, Tofield, Sherwood Park, Red Deer, the Rockies and beyond, Carla Lehman Photography is a nationally accredited professional photographer providing full-service luxury photography for portraits, personal brands and entrepreneurs, equine and pet lovers.  
Carla Lehman Photographer is a premiere provider of graduation and senior portraits and a top personal branding visual photographer in Alberta.


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